Saturday, November 17, 2012

Letter to Baby

Dear Owen,

You are three months old (plus a few days) and just become more and more perfect as the days pass.  I can't believe how much you've grown this past month!  Your head seems to be catching up with that long body of yours and you're not looking like a newborn anymore.

You have this new trick where everyday around one o'clock, you start screaming.  No one knows why and we've tried everything from giving you gas drops, to feeding you, swaddling you, etc., but it's like you have to exercise those little lungs and scream.  It sounds painful, and it's painful to our ears, but we just hold you tight and rock you and within a few minutes you're done and either you're ready to play or you've screamed yourself to sleep.  Hopefully this will be short lived.

You still hate being on your belly for tummy time and so that time is short lived as well.  It doesn't stop me from getting you to try, but it just doesn't last long.  And because you haven't been on your belly for too long, you haven't rolled over anymore.  Such is life.

We had your first Halloween and you went as a parrot.  Your dad and I worked hard on your costume and you were the cutest little parrot in all the world :)  You got a lot of compliments.  Luke went as a pirate, so your costume went with his.  We're already dreaming up next years costume!

We're preparing for your first Thanksgiving and your first big road trip.  We'll be going to visit your Aunt Emily and Uncle Jon as well as your Grandma and Grandpa after Thanksgiving and we'll be on the road for a few hours.  I'm going to have to time feeding you just right so that we can stop half way and feed you again, or hope for the best and drive straight through.

You're holding up that head of yours so well and you love to sit up (assisted, of course).  I tried sitting you in the Bumbo, but you're still just a little too small.  Maybe next month.  Also, you love your momma.  Everyone says you light up when you spot me.  If Pa, Peggy or Cheryl are trying to get you to sleep while I'm working and you hear me, you go crazy.  I have to be very careful on keeping track of where you are so I can monitor where I talk in the office and how loud I talk.  I love that gummy, open mouth smile of yours and how your eyes sparkle when we talk.  Little one, we love you so very much.

There are differing opinions on who you look like.  Pa swears you look just like his little brother, Doyle.  Doyle passed away as a baby and Pa was only a little over a year old, but from pictures as a child he swears you're a spitting image of him.  Others say you look a lot like your Pa...especially when you suck on your bottom lip (a trademark Pa trait) and then others say you're your daddy made over.  Either way, you're perfect.

Till next month, little one.  All our love.
Mom and Dad

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