Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Letter to Baby

Dear Mr.,

You are cutting all four one year old molars at the same time, and that's why this letter is late.  You are mean you are cutting teeth.  You are cranky when you are cutting teeth.  You are clingy, whiney, mad, tired, and a down right bear when you are cutting teeth.  If this is how you act when you lose a tooth, I'm sunk.

And if I could pry that pacifier out of your mouth for five seconds I'm sure you would start speaking.  But as it stands, it all comes out 'ga' or 'da' or '{add a consonant of your choosing}ah'.  Ball, mama, dada are still plenty understandable.  The rest, not so much.  Your comprehensive vocabulary is amazing and you're really great at relaying what you want by a series of points and sounds, but you have got to start getting some more words!

When you're feeling good, you're a ton of fun.  You love to crawl all over us, give us high fives, play catch, race cars with Luke, enjoy pizza, picnic and a movie night.  You like to pull all of dad's shoes out of his closet and make a big pile.  He doesn't enjoy that, but I think it's quite funny.

M has been picking you and Luke up at school and taking you to the library to play.   I think you really love getting to go with them and enjoy the play time.  M and Pa think you are so funny, but know you've got a little mean streak in you.  We have to be careful, especially because you like to slap and you just don't know your own strength!

You had an awesome Christmas and enjoyed ripping open packages.  You didn't really care what the present was, but the tearing of paper was right up your alley.  Santa was pretty good to you and Luke this year.  No coal in your stocking!

We celebrated the new year by going to bed on time and sleeping in to five a.m. the new year's day.  It was very exciting and super glamorous.  Actually, it was exactly what we all needed!  And now that we're in the new year, it means you're going to be eighteen months old and then 2 and then before we know it, you'll have a job and be moving out of the house.

But as for now, we want you to know how much we love you.  Crankiness and all.
Mom and Dad

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