Friday, December 14, 2012

funnies from a toddler

Luke's speech has skyrocketed since starting daycare 6 months ago and I love to hear what he's going to say next.

We are in the midst of potty training and we sing songs while he sits on the potty to pass the time.  Yesterday as I was starting to sing, he put his hand up and said 'Stop! Stop! Stop!'  He then continued to sing the song by himself...without me.

When asked if he needs a new pull up, more juice,  a snack, or anything really, he replies 'no tank you!'  Even if he really does.

When we were driving to the beach last week, we went in Grandma and Grandpa's van and they so wonderfully bought Luke a DVD player for the car.  When asked what movie he wanted to watch he said 'Hmmm' (then he put is finger to his mouth) 'let me think'  I thought Chris and I were going to wet ourselves.  It.was.hillarious.

Luke had learned the phrase 'Where we going?'  so we heard it about a billion times on our trip to the beach.  Finally I said 'Crazy'.  He replied 'Crazy?  No, we not go crazy.  We go to beach'

I just love this stage!!

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